Impact Of Pandemic Not Felt Equally Across Society, Says Cosla
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The impacts of COVID-19 have not been felt equally across society, COSLA said today (Monday).

Commenting, COSLA’s Community Wellbeing Spokesperson Councillor Elena Whitham said: “The simple truth is that the impacts of the virus have not been felt equally across society.

“Our Blueprint outlines the steps needed to overcome inequalities which increase the chances of contracting COVID-19, and the longer-term impacts of both the disease and the measures that have been taken to control its spread.

“We are working hard to ensure our recovery will be fair, inclusive, and address existing inequalities. Everyone should be able to realise their human rights as we fight poverty and discrimination.

“In relation to my portfolio within COSLA  - Councils are working to improve housing stock.  We need good quality homes for everyone and for people to be able to live in well-connected, sustainable communities. We don’t want a return to rough sleeping and will prioritise supporting those who are homeless so that their needs are met.

“Marginalised groups need to be empowered, not left behind.  This includes supporting migrants at risk of destitution, those effected by the economic crisis and working with Gypsy/Traveller communities to ensure that they have access to safe accommodation and their rights are protected.

“The value of Local Government can be seen in our response to COVID-19. Local Government must now be at the forefront of the recovery and renewal process. To do this we must be empowered and supported to deliver what local communities need.”