COSLA Responds to Care Inspectorate Report
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Councillor Stuart Currie, COSLA’s Health and Social Care Spokesperson said:

“COSLA welcome the report published by the Care Inspectorate today (Thursday) which gives detailed insight into the delivery of care at home and housing support during the pandemic.  It is clear that the whole social care system has been under immense pressure but has stepped up to ensure that social care support could keep people safe during the pandemic.  There is no doubt that families and carers have experienced a very challenging period and the support that they have provided to their loved ones has been significant.

“The report highlights the importance of good relationships between providers and Health and Social Care Partnerships when responding to the pandemic and highlights the overall positive partnership working and support provided during this period.  It is essential that this continues over the coming months to address the challenges that lie ahead.

“The findings of this report and importantly the experience of people who use social care support will be critical in any deliberations about the future of social care.

“COSLA will continue to work with Scottish Government and other national partners to support Health and Social Care Partnerships and social care providers to build on the excellent work that has been undertaken locally and strive for ongoing improvement.”