COSLA launches Welcome Hub for Migrants from Hong Kong
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The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities has launched a new online resource to encourage migrants from Hong Kong to come to Scotland.

Following crackdowns by the Chinese government in Hong Kong, the UK Government created a special visa allowing those fleeing repression to settle in Britain. This year, on the anniversary of that visa route opening, COSLA has launched a special resource for these migrants, to support them in making Scotland their home.

It is believed that over 88,000 Hongkongers have already obtained a visa to move to the UK, and COSLA is seeking to support the integration of those who decide to make Scotland their home. The new migrants from Hong Kong will enrich our communities and bring critical skills for Scotland’s economy. For instance, given Hong Kong’s position as a global financial services capital, many are likely to bring skills to support Scotland’s financial sector. New arrivals from Hong Kong could also play a role in addressing the challenges that a number of local authorities are facing in relation to a declining population.

The Welcome Hub includes a range of resources, available in both English and Cantonese. It includes information on Scottish public services, housing, and the education system. Innovatively, the Welcome Hub also includes resources for public sector staff who will encounter Hongkongers in Scotland. It provides them with information on their rights and entitlements, explain the reasons why they are coming to Britain, and cultural background information. The Welcome Hub can be accessed here:

It is hoped that the Welcome Hub will facilitate the arrival and integration of new arrivals from Hong Kong, enabling them to make an important contribution to Scottish communities to the benefit of all.