COSLA Releases Budget Reality Document
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In response to the Scottish Budget, COSLA has just released its ‘Budget Reality’ document this evening (Thursday).

COSLA’s Resources Spokesperson Councillor Gail Macgregor said that COSLA Leaders will meet tomorrow to discuss the implications for Local Government and respond more fully then.

In a brief statement this afternoon Councillor Macgregor, said: “Our ‘Budget Reality’ document is important as it sets out the facts about the Local Government Settlement.

“It appears to be a disappointing budget for the communities that we represent, as it does not give Local Government what we need to survive and nor does it meet our campaign aspiration to help those communities to ‘Live Well Locally’,

“Once more, our core financial settlement has been hit.

“That said, we will take time to consider the finer details of today’s announcement and the full implications for both ourselves and our communities.

“As a membership organisation, our Council Leaders will come together virtually tomorrow to consider the implications, before we make a more formal response following that meeting.”

The document can be viewed here.