European Charter of Local Self Government
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The Incorporation of the European Charter of Local Self Government into Scots Law is a good day for democracy in Scotland, a good day for communities in Scotland and a good day for Local Government, COSLA President Councillor Alison Evison said today (Tuesday).

Commenting this evening Councillor Evison said:  “I am absolutely delighted, it has been a long held ambition of COSLA to see this Charter incorporated into domestic law.

“This is a major achievement for Local Government and for communities.

“It means that the status and standing of Local Government as the democratic representative of local communities will be strengthened by entrenching international legal rights into Scots law.

“This in turn will strengthen the voices of our local communities and help to achieve better outcomes – their agreed outcomes – with and for them.

“It will mean parity amongst government partners as we work together, for example on the National Performance Framework.

“Incorporation of the Charter will formalise and embed better partnership working and ensure that subsidiarity is a default in policy making across the democratic system.

“Most importantly, it will help us achieve the lasting change around empowerment of communities that we are seeking.

“Finally, I would like to put on record our thanks to Andy Wightman MSP for introducing a Private Members Bill on the Charter, his role in getting us here today cannot be over-stated.”