Climate Emergency Response Group Report - August 31st 2022
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The Climate Emergency Reponse Group (CERG) report -'Unlocking Scotland’s Response To The Climate Emergency' - was released on the 31st of August 2022. Councillor Gail Macgregor, COSLA Environment and Economy Spokesperson, said:

“The report published by CERG today not only clearly shows the challenge we face on climate change but makes some good recommendations for immediate actions. COSLA has been arguing for some time now that the work of Local and Scottish Government on climate change should be better coordinated at the national level, so it’s heartening to see a recommendation from CERG on this point.  There are multiple economic and social challenges which arise from the urgent need to de-carbonise, so it makes sense for government at all levels to work as closely as possible. I argue that Local Government could be a climate powerhouse if it had more of the resources needed to do the job. We might not be there yet, but I take heart from this report and the constructive discussions we are having with Scottish Government on climate action. The pandemic has shown what we can do when we work together, and we need to bring some of that thinking to deal with the climate emergency.”