COSLA’s Initial Response to National Planning Framework 4 - 8th November 2022
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Commenting today (Tuesday) Councillor Gail Macgregor COSLA’s Environment and Economy Spokesperson gave COSLA’s initial response to National Planning Framework (NPF) 4.  She said: “Analysis and scrutiny will be required to comment on the content of NPF4, due to the detail and complexity of the framework. COSLA has previously made clear that we support a National Planning Framework which is consistent with our existing priorities, particularly the Just Transition to a Net Zero Economy no later than 2045 and place making to improve the wellbeing of Scotland’s communities. We welcome moves in the NPF4 to achieve these aims, but the framework alone is not enough, and local authorities will require the resources and flexibility of full cost recovery to effectively and efficiently deliver its aims.”

You can read about the National Planning Framework (NPF) here, including the latest draft of NPF4.