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Following a meeting today (Thursday 21st September) Scotland’s Council Leaders have made a ‘best and final’ offer to trade unions in a bid to avert strike action.

Council Leaders have said that this offer is once again focused on those at the lowest pay points as per the request of the trade unions and the significantly enhanced offer is made on the condition that the Trade Unions take it to their members, for full consideration and that strikes are suspended with immediate effect whilst they do so.

Commenting, COSLA’s Resources Spokesperson Councillor Katie Hagmann said:  “This really is our best and final offer, we have nowhere to go after this. We have gone beyond our limits in a bid to satisfy our workforce and avert next week’s strikes.

“Despite the extreme difficulties this presents us with, Scotland’s Council Leaders have listened and acted on the ask of our trade union colleagues to get us to this position today.

“We can now make a significantly improved in-year offer meaning those workers on the Scottish Local Government Living wage will see an in-year uplift of around £2000 or almost ten per cent.

“I cannot stress enough the efforts that both Local and Scottish Government have gone to in relation to securing the funding to meet this ask.  Politicians and officers have worked tirelessly in partnership to review, reprioritise, restructure and reprofile money, ensuring the impact on our communities is minimised.  However, have no doubt, tough decisions have been taken and there will be delays to programmes and projects within communities to meet these pay demands.  No new money has been identified for this offer – it is the ultimate example of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ in finance terms. Strikes are too damaging to our children and young people, their families and our communities across Scotland for us not to have taken this action.”