Climate Change Statement
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Scotland will not meet its ambitious targets without a more empowered Local Government and significant revenue and capital investment COSLA said today (Thursday).

COSLA added that Councils need significant finance to invest in carbon reduction, especially in transport, heat and buildings. Without new finance in next week’s Budget, funding cuts to other areas will be unavoidable.

Cllr Gail Macgregor, COSLA Environment and Economy Spokesperson said:

“The harsh reality is that 2030 is only 72 months away – as it stands- Scotland is not on track to meet our net zero targets.

“ With the historic COP 28 agreement to transition away from fossil fuels, there is no better time to invest in climate action and the just transition to a net zero economy.

We know that from reports by the UK Government that 82% of all emissions are within the scope of influence of UK Local Authorities. This means an investment in Local Government is an investment in tackling global warming and our collective future. The truth is we need more money to fight climate change – much more. Hard choices will have to be made, but we surely now have a moment to show that Scotland is still leading the way two years after COP 26.”