COSLA releases updated Budget Reality document, following Scottish budget announcement
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In response to the Scottish Budget, COSLA released an updated version of its factual Budget Reality document this evening (Thursday 21st December).

The document provides analysis of the real-terms impacts of the recently announced Scottish budget on local authorities.

COSLA responded to the announcement with a statement following a meeting of council leaders which took place this morning.

Responding to the budget announcement, COSLA President Councillor Shona Morrison said: “COSLA’s initial analysis of the Budget is that the Council Tax freeze is not fully funded. Leaders from across Scotland agreed today that decisions on Council Tax can only be made by each full Council, and it is for each individual Council to determine their own level of Council Tax.  With any sort of shortfall in core funding, the £144m revenue offered for the freeze is immediately worth less.”

Further information

Cllr Morrison's full statement can be read here.

COSLA's 'Councils Are Key' budget lobbying document can be read here.

The LGIU released the results of  'The State of Local Government in Scotland' survey, illustrating the financial pressures councils are under. The survey results can be read here.