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COSLA believes that the Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee Report out today (Monday 23rd January) is a watershed moment for tackling Climate Change.

Cllr Gail Macgregor, COSLA Environment and Economy Spokesperson said:

“This report by the Committee on the just transition to a net zero economy is potentially a watershed moment for Scotland in tackling climate change.

“The report is clear that Scotland will not meet its ambitious climate targets without a more empowered Local Government. To empower Local Government, Councils need not just increased funding, but also larger, fewer and more flexible funding streams. This has long been COSLA’s central message, so it is hugely heartening to see it recognised so strongly in the report.

“Climate Change is a challenge we all must face. Local Government is committed, locally and nationally, to leading the net zero transition, but COSLA has been open that local authorities can’t do that effectively without the increased support of Scottish Government. The report by the Committee lays out in the clearest way yet the support that is needed and why.

“The recommendations of the report are mainly directed at Scottish Government, but we need to consider them carefully too. Climate change requires a genuine team Scotland approach and I would hope that this report coupled with last year’s publication by the Climate Change Committee could be the defining moment we have needed to get delivery of the net zero transition on track for 2030 and beyond.

“I commend the Committee for the fullness, diligence and clarity of their report.”

The full report by the Commitee can be read on the Scottish Parliament website here.