Statement following council tax freeze announcement
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There is absolutely no agreement to freeze Council Tax next year COSLA’s Presidential Team said today (Wednesday 18th October).

"The announcement of a council tax freeze as we said yesterday was made completely without reference to Local Government and there is no agreement to freeze council Tax next year, the decision to freeze council tax is one which can only be made by Councils.

"Our Cross-Party Group Leaders held an emergency meeting first thing this morning on the back of the announcement and there is real anger at the way this has been handled and what it puts at risk.

"On the back of this our Political Group Leaders also asked us to seek an urgent meeting with the First Minister.

"We deplore the way the announcement was made and its substance, both of which fly in the face of the Verity House Agreement which we all recently signed.

"It has been shown that previous council tax freezes have been regressive, having no impact for the poorest in society and eroding the council tax base, compounding councils' ongoing underfunding.

"We will explore the implications arising and what the Scottish Government might propose when we meet with the Deputy First Minister later today - but we are clear that local taxation and particularly Council Tax should be left for democratically elected councils to determine."