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COSLA has today (Tuesday) described the offer made to the SJC Trade Unions yesterday afternoon as a strong offer that compares very favourably with other sectors, as well as clearly illustrating the value Councils put on their workforce.

Commenting on the offer made to the SJC Trade Unions COSLA’s Resources Spokesperson Councillor Katie Hagmann said: “This is a strong offer for our valued workforce which compares very well to other sectors.

“While the offer value in year is 5.5%, the average uplift on salaries going into next financial year is 7%.  Those on the Scottish Local Government Living Wage would get 9.12% and those at higher grades, where councils are experiencing recruitment challenges, would see 6.05%.

“It is an offer which recognises both the vital role of the people who deliver our essential services across councils every day and the value that we, as employers place on them.  Crucially, it also raises the Scottish Local Government Living Wage by 99p to £11.84 per hour and sets out a commitment to work with our Trade Unions to develop a road map to £15 per hour in a way that protects our workforce and services we deliver.

“We hope that all aspects of this offer will be considered, and our Trade Union partners will also recognise this for the strong offer that it is."