£144 million will not fully fund a council tax freeze, say COSLA
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£144 million does not fully fund a council tax freeze, COSLA Resources Spokesperson Councillor Katie Hagmann has explained.

"Dissapoiningly the Scottish Budget has not provided our local authorities with a fully funded council tax freeze as expected. The Scottish Government has set aside £144m stating this will ‘fully fund’ a council tax freeze – this would only provide the income equivalent to a 5% rise.

However, Local Government’s core revenue budget was cut by £63m from the outset,  essentially leaving just £81m compensation for a council tax freeze. As a result, Local Government is faced with the reality that the funding offered for a council tax freeze only equates to a 2.8% rise.

This significantly adds to the pressures faced by councils - a recent LGIU survey found that 83% of Scottish councils were looking at a minimum increase of 5%."

Further information

COSLA's Budget Reality document can be read here.

COSLA's 'Councils Are Key' budget lobbying document can be read here.

Results of the LGIU 'The State of Local Government in Scotland' survey, illustrating the financial pressures councils are under, can be read here.