Council Leaders Urge Government to Respect Local Democracy
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Scotland’s Council Leaders today (Friday) said that any interference in the democratic decision making of Councils by Scottish Government Ministers is disrespectful.

Commenting following the meeting COSLA Resources Spokesperson Councillor Katie Hagmann said:

“Council Leaders were absolutely clear today that it is not appropriate for Scottish Government Ministers to interfere in the democratic decision making of Councils.

“Leaders also reaffirmed in the strongest possible terms the principle that it should be for individual Local Authorities to set their own level of Council Tax without sanction or financial detriment imposed by Scottish Government.

“Leaders were clear that given the financial situation in which councils find themselves as a result of the proposed Scottish Budget, recurring penalties in relation to setting council tax levels should not be applied.

“I have been asked to seek confirmation from Scottish Government that there will be no further Council Tax freezes for the remainder of this Parliament.”