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COSLA operates a 24 hour, 365 day a year media service. The media team issues statements and news about Scottish local government, and campaigns on specific issues. Media enquiries should be directed to David J Kennedy, Head of Media and Communications, 0131 474 9205, or Sean Torrens, Policy Assistant (Media and Communications), 0131 474 9215, 

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16 May 2019

Local governance review: joint statement

A joint statement from The Scottish Government and The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) on the local governance review. Democracy Matters to...
3 May 2019

COSLA comment on 'Stay in Scotland' campaign

COSLA’s Community Wellbeing Board today (Friday) issued a rallying call for Scottish Local Government to back the ‘Stay in Scotland’ Campaign and to encourage EU Nationals to get...
23 April 2019

COSLA comment on waste management

Councillor Steven Heddle, COSLA’s Environment and Economy Spokesperson said: "We have been recognising for some time the challenges that the ban presents to local authorities...
16 April 2019

COSLA comment on fly-tipping

A COSLA Spokesperson said: "Scotland’s councils take the issue of fly-tipping very seriously indeed. "While the practice of dealing with fly tipping varies across the country...
15 April 2019

COSLA comment on Gypsy/Traveller sites

COSLA Community Wellbeing Spokesperson, Councillor Elena Whitham said: "Gypsy/Travellers have a right to a nomadic lifestyle and today’s report shows that many families are...
15 April 2019

COSLA comment on local funding report

A COSLA Spokesperson said: "COSLA has long said that the current model for funding local government is not sustainable."We reiterated this point in our essential services campaign...
11 April 2019

COSLA comment on IJBs

Councillor Stuart Currie, COSLA’s Health and Social Care Spokesperson said:  "Health and Social Care Partnerships are facing significant pressures as demand is...
10 April 2019

COSLA comment on the Accounts Commission report on safeguarding public money

Councillor Alison Evison, COSLA President said: "Today’s (Thursday) report from the Accounts Commission is a timely reminder of the many and varied pressures on Local Government....
10 April 2019

COSLA comment on future classroom numbers

A COSLA Spokesperson said: "Every local authority does detailed roll projection and forward planning linked to local demographic changes. "Council school estate investment...
4 April 2019

COSLA comment on music tuition

A COSLA Spokesperson said: "No local authority takes the issue to charge for any service lightly. All local authorities very much value the role that music has in ensuring that...