COSLA Conference and Exhibition 2024

The COSLA Annual Conference and Exhibition are back in person for 2024. This year discussions will focus on the question: What is Local Government's Role in Society?

This year’s conference will be looking to answer the question – What is the role of Local Government in society and in unlocking Scotland’s potential? This builds on from COSLA’s successful “Councils are Key” Budget Lobbying Campaign.

As we see in the media, there has never been such a focus on the importance of local services, how they are funded and the role of Local Government in Scotland. With a UK General Election expected shortly after our Conference, there will be opportunities to focus on what this means for Scottish Local Government, and how Councils and their partners can work to support the best possible outcomes for our communities. We all know that there is more to do to tackle child poverty, to support a just transition to net zero, and to ensure public services are sustainable into the future.

Scottish Local Government has always been the voice of the people and the champion of communities. It had this role pre-devolution, and it is a role that will never change no matter who forms the Government in Westminster or Holyrood. Given that the COSLA 2024 Annual Conference will take place close to the upcoming UK General Election, it provides an excellent opportunity to collectively consider and explore how this will impact Local Government.

Key Questions:

  • Communities are at the heart of everything we do - how will the result of the General Election affect both councils and communities
  • Will the role of Local Government as community champions be enhanced or weakened depending on the result of the General Election?
  • In what ways could Local Government be more agile and transformative in meeting community needs and what would this require of both Westminster and Holyrood?
  • Would a change in Government impact on our relationship with Scottish Government and Holyrood? And what impact would it have on the Verity House Agreement?
  • How can Local Government improve the way it connects with individuals, businesses and the third sector? * How can Local Government and partners support increasingly diverse communities as they respond to challenges, from climate change to the ongoing cost of living crisis?
  • How can Local Government Leaders be at the forefront of the change required to improve outcomes for communities?
  • During times of significant challenge and constrained resources, what do communities and businesses expect of local leaders?
  • What can we learn from other countries in further improving services for the communities we represent? Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this essential debate.

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