Care Day 2024
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Friday 16th February marks Care Day 2024. Care Day is ‘the world’s biggest celebration of Care Experienced people’ and is run by 5 charities across the UK, including Who Cares Scotland.

Local Authorities pledged to Keep The Promise to care experienced people, and COSLA works with Local Authorities and charity partners such as Who Cares Scotland to support this work.

Welcoming the Care Day campaign, COSLA Children and Young People Spokesperson Councillor Tony Buchanan said:

“Care Day is a fantastic campaign and an important opportunity to better understand what life is like for Care Experienced people, and amplify their voices for change.

“I am proud to see the ongoing committed work of Scotland’s Councils to Keep The Promise to care experienced people. The services local authorities provide can be a lifeline for those with care experience; and that’s why it is all of our duty to continue to learn, continue to improve these services and to keep the promise Scotland made to care experienced people back in 2020 – that every child in Scotland will grow up loved, safe and respected. Listening to people with these experiences, and ensuring that their lived experience and input is included when decisions are made on their behalf is key to this work, and I was delighted to see so many examples of councils working to make this a reality at the recent The Promise: Stories Of Change Conference.

“COSLA will be sharing a number of Stories of Change throughout Care Day to share the stories of care experienced people and those who support them, as well as providing some examples of best practice in this area. I hope you’ll join us in supporting care day by amplifying the voices and experiences of those who are care experienced in our communities, and the organisations which work to support them.”

More information

More examples of the work of Scotland's councils to Keep The Promise can be found here.

More information about Care Day 2024 from Who Cares Scotland can be found here.