The Promise

On 5 February 2020, the Care Review published seven reports, with The Promise narrating a vision for Scotland.  The Promise is responsible for driving the work of change drawn from the findings of the Independent Care Review.   The Promise and the six other published reports can be viewed here.

COSLA and its 32 Member Councils have all pledged to #KeepThePromise by 2030.  Local and national policy and practice change is underway and this page will be regularly updated to feature the on going work and the impact this is having on our children, young people, families and communities.

On the 8th April 2022 COSLA published the Local Government annual report on the progress made across Scotland to Keep The Promise.  You can read the full report and see the work of Scotland's councils here.

The Promise - The work of Local Government

Throughout 2022 we'll highlight some of the work going on across Scotland's local authority areas to #KeepThe Promise.  We'll post each month on Twitter @COSLA and this page will be regularly updated.

  • Glasgow City Council


    “We will support our care experienced children and young people to remain in school and not be excluded.  We will work together to find better solutions”

    As part of the GVS Guidelines we ask Designated Managers to let us know about any imminent exclusions so that we can work together to try to find alternatives to exclusion.  The Lead for Care Experienced Learners is leading the CELCIS working party looking at alternatives to exclusion.  The Virtual School Head Teacher is a member of the MC8 (Included, Engaged and Involved: A Positive Approach to Preventing and Managing School Exclusions) Quality Assurance Group where she will invite 2 care experienced pupils to be part of the group to consider improvements to the policy as well as alternatives to exclusion.

    Following evaluation feedback, we have further developed partnerships with a wider range of partners to improve interventions for our children and young people e.g. Blairvadach outdoor, Outdoor Resource Centre, learning for our primary children, North Kelvin Sports and we are working in partnership with Action for Children on a bespoke programme at the Clay Community Café in Possil where our young people are learning barista skills as well as working towards the Community Achievement Award in conjunction with Kelvin College.

    Our children and young people will not face unnecessary barriers to education because of their immigration status”

    Working in partnership with the Volunteer Tutor Organisation (VTO) we have developed a successful tutoring intervention for our unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC).

    We have made a change to the Overseas Enrolment policy to ensure a smoother enrolment process in schools for our UASC children.  Area Lead Officers work alongside residential colleagues to facilitate UASC children being enrolled in schools as quickly as possible.

  • Stirling Council - Supporting the Workforce

    In February 2022, to coincide with Care Day and the Tending the Light Festival of Care we launched our Corporate Parenting Elearning Module.  This interactive module was developed collaboratively with Stirling Champs Board and some of the young people’s voices feature in training.  The launch was widely publicised to staff as our elearning module of the month and we shared it with partner agencies, including Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Skills Development Scotland. The module is available for all staff and has been made mandatory for team leader level and above.  It will be completed by the Schools and Learning workforce during Staff Development days at the beginning of each academic year. In the first two weeks of the launch it was completed by 230 members of staff.  Completion reports will be monitored and Champs Board are being kept appraised of the positive feedback the module has received, including that it is “accessible and informative”, “the young people’s voices really hit home” and is helping staff understand and value their role as corporate parents.

    Here is a link to Stirling Champs Board’s Letter to corporate Parents which forms part of the training module: Dear Corporate Parent - Stirling Champions Board - YouTube

    Perth and Kinross Council - Families Empowering Communities, the story so far...

    Read more about this project, including the four priorities here PDF, 4088.05 KB

    • Whole Family Support
    • Community Capacity Building
    • One-to-One Parent Support
    • Universal Support

    Fife Council - Delivering on The Promise through a Community Social Work Approach

    The aim of this approach is to work in a preventative way with people and the wider community, rather than reacting to individual crises or intervening when it may be too late to hold families or communities together.  You can read more about this project here.

    North Ayrshire Council - Welfare Rights in Secondary Schools Projects

    Through a partnership agreement between North Ayrshire Council and the Health and Social Care Partnership funding has been provided for a two year post for a Welfare Rights Officer to deliver welfare rights services across seven of North Ayrshire's secondary schools.  You can read more about the outcomes and impacts of this project, including feedback from parents and schools here.