Environment and Economy Team

The strategic goal of the Environment and Economy Team is to support the delivery a Just Transition to a Net Zero Economy no later than 2045.

At COSLA we recognise the vital role which Local Government plays in all aspects of decarbonisation. The team works with Scottish and UK Governments, our international partners, and Local Government professional groups to support this goal, our policy priorities, and the work of Local Authorities

The Environment and Economy Board is the national political voice of local government on environment and economic policy and works to ensure that this voice is heard where it matters the most. Each Council has one representative on the Board, which meets six times a year. The Board is Chaired by the Environment and Economy Spokesperson.


The Environment and Economy Spokesperson is Councillor Gail Macgregor.

Policy Priorities

  • Climate Change Mitigation and Resilience
  • Digital Connectivity
  • Economic Policy and the Just Transition
  • Europe, International & Post EU Exit
  • Heat and Energy
  • Place, Planning and Regeneration
  • Transport and Flooding
  • Waste and the Circular Economy