Joint Investigative Interviews of Child Victims and Witnesses

Child protection and justice partners are working in partnership with the Scottish Government to take forward recommendations of the Evidence and Procedure Review to improve the quality and consistency of Joint Investigative Interviews (JIIs) of children.

The aim is that JII statements are of a sufficiently high standard that they can be used as Evidence in Chief and contribute to the range of improvements being made to remove the need for children to give evidence in court and so reduce the potential of further trauma for child victims and witnesses.

This work is being led by local authorities and Police Scotland who both have statutory responsibility for the investigation of concerns about children.

A National JII Project Team, made up of experienced social workers and police officers, was set up in November 2017 to develop a new approach to JII’s in Scotland, drawing on national and international research and best practice.

This led to the development of the Scottish Child Interview Model for joint investigative interviewing and to a new, comprehensive training programme for child interviewers.  This new model is being piloted in Scotland with a view to gathering learning to inform national rollout.

You can find out more in the initial information pack.

Emerging Learning

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Presentations / Meetings

Presentation to CPC Scotland on the Scottish Child Interview Model for Joint Investigative Interviewing (30 September 2020)

Insight from Interviewers (31 August 2021)


Evaluation and Learning Framework

JII Interim Evaluation Report

Evidential and Technical Quality of JIIs June 2021