Health and Social Care Team

The Health and Social Care Board leads on all aspects of policy development and political lobbying relating to health and adult social care for COSLA.

COSLA's Health and Social Care Board’s central objective is to ensure that health and social care services are sustainable, accessible, personalised and high quality, delivering on the jointly politically agreed National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes.

The Health and Social Care Team supports the Health and Social Care Board, Council Leaders and the COSLA Convention to provide political leadership and take decisions relating to health and social care on behalf of Local Government. The COSLA team works with partners across the Scottish Government, the NHS, Integration Joint Boards, relevant professional bodies and professional advisors to Local Government, regulatory bodies and the third and independent sectors in order to advance the political will of COSLA.


The Health and Social Care Spokesperson is Councillor Paul Kelly.

Main Policy Areas

The Health and Social Care team covers a vast number of strategic, policy and legislative areas, however the substantive areas of work are listed below.

  • Implementing integration
  • Support for reforming adult social care
  • Public health
  • Mental health
  • HSC workforce

Team Functions

The Health and Social Care team functions are to:

  • Build effective and enduring partnerships in support of the National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes
  • Develop, shape and inform policy and legislation
  • Inform and agree funding decisions to address current and emerging policy and legislative commitments and the ongoing pressures of demand on social care services
  • Represent Local Government on, and ensure that, governance and accountability for Health and Social Care services in Scotland adequately reflects the role of local government and the importance of the local democratic mandate

Contact Us

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