Local Government Digital Office

Digital Office Capabilities and Approach

The Digital Office will deliver upon this distinctive role and the drivers set out by providing local government with the following capabilities and adopting the following approaches.

  1. Independent Leadership.
  2. Partnership Working and Collaboration.
  3. Capacity and Capability Building.
  4. Agile Project Delivery.
  5. Programme Delivery.
  6. Technical Assurance.


The key deliverables of the Digital office have been organised around the themes of the Digital Strategy for Scotland “A Changing Nation: How Scotland will Thrive in a Digital World”

The Digital Strategy consists of three parts and a total of seven action plans as follows. The action plans where the Digital Office will play a significant role are highlighted in bold.

Part One: People and Place

  • “No-One Left Behind” – a set of actions that aim to improve digital inclusion and accessibility,
  • “Digital Education and Skills” – a set of actions that aim to improve the pipeline of digital skills within society to support economic growth, and actions to improve digital skills within the public sector,
  • “An Ethical Digital Nation” – a set of actions to build ethics, trust, privacy, and civic participation into the design of digital public services.

Part Two: A Strong Digital Economy

  • “Helping all Businesses to become Digital Businesses” – a set of actions that supports businesses to make better use of digital to improve resilience and enable growth.
  • “Supporting our Digital Technology Sector” – a set of action that aim to grow Scotland’s digital sector (largely based upon the Mark Logan Report).

Part Three: Digital Government and Services

  • “Services working for All” – a set of actions for redesigning services around the needs of citizens (such as embedding service design, digital identity, etc that will require greater partnership and cross-sector working).

  • “Transforming Government” – a set of actions for enabling digital transformation (such as establishing shared common platforms across the public sector), increased levels of automation, and enabling digital democracy.

The Digital Planning, Digital Health and Care, Scottish Future Trust – Connectivity , Connecting Scotland, Digital Education (Device for every child) Strategies will be managed as “nested” strategies that sit underneath the governance of the overall strategy.