Save Our Transport and Environment Services

This year, all service areas must be considered as Councils look to address pressures of £1bn – that’s the impact if Scottish Government does not change its current spending plans.

The Scottish Government lacks a clear delivery plan and has not offered a coherent explanation for how its policies will achieve Scotland’s bold emissions reduction targets – is the message by the Climate Change Committee in their 2022 report.

A quantified plan is needed now. Local Government is the Scottish Government’s key delivery partner on climate change but budget cuts sap Local Authorities’ ability to respond to a changing world.

Council funding goes towards:

  • Supporting public transport, walking, cycling and wheeling
  • Building and maintaining electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Making homes and buildings more energy efficient
  • Low carbon heating technologies
  • Protecting green spaces, the natural environment and biodiversity
  • Flood protection and climate resilience

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