Save Our Social Care Services

This year, all service areas must be considered as Councils look to address pressures of £1bn – that’s the impact if Scottish Government does not change its current spending plans.

Councils spend around £4.3bn on social care and social work services (around 30% of all net revenue expenditure). That’s money directly supporting the care and protection of children and adults.

If current spending plans don’t change and social care and social work services take their ‘fair share’ of the financial pressures for 2023/24, they could have to find savings of around £300m – that equates to:

  • 5000 fewer social workers
  • 100% of the spend on services that help Councils keep “The Promise”- including fostering and family-based placement
  • 40% of the funding needed to pay the Real Living Wage in adult social care in 2023/24
  • 50% of council-provided home care for those age 65+

Download our factsheet below to find out more.