COSLA Leaders Meeting 26 August
Fri 26th Aug
11:00am - 1:00pm
Verity House, Edinburgh
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All papers will be circulated to attendees ahead of the meeting. Public papers available are linked below.

Public Session
1. Introduction
2. Draft Minute of Leaders Meeting held 5th August then reconvened 12th August 2022 (LD/22/0113)

Private Session

4. Local Government Finance Update (LD/22/0115)

5. Pay Claim 22/23 Update (LD/22/0116) To follow

6. Ukraine (LD/22/0117) To follow

7. Asylum Dispersal (LD/22/0118) To follow

8. Social Justice and Social Security Committee Report (LD/22/0119)

9. Flood Risk Management –(LD/22/0120)

10. National Strategy for Economic Transformation Update (LD/22/0121)

11. The Climate Emergency (LD/22/0122)

12. National Care Service (LD/22/0123) To follow

13. Social Care Workforce Programme Board and Joint Ministerial Group (LD/22/0124)

14. Social Work Workforce Improvement (LD/22/0125)

15. Suicide Prevention Strategy (LD/22/0126)

16. COSLA Governance Meetings (LD/22/0127) 17. Distribution (LD/22/0128