Key Partners

  • COSLA nominates and supports four Committee of the Regions (COR) Members, as well as several COSLA elected representatives in CEMR (Council of European Municipalities and Regions) governing bodies. The Brussels Office also supports one full and alternate member of the Congress of the Council of Europe, which forms the local authority side of the intergovernmental Council of Europe, as well one of the UK places in the World Council of United Cities and Local Government (UCLG), the global umbrella organisation of CEMR.
  • COSLA works to gather cross-party support from the Scottish MEPs in securing changes to proposed EU legislation. Regular meetings with European Commission officials and other key players ensure that the interests of Scottish Councils are defended at the earliest stages of EU policy development.
  • To support our European work, COSLA is the Scottish national member of CEMR, which is local government pan European umbrella, as well as other local authority associations from the UK and other European Member States, many of which are co-located alongside our offices in the House of Cities, Municipalities and Regions. We also work with Devolved administrations from elsewhere in the EU.
  • Relationships with the Scottish Government, the European Consortia, the Scottish Parliament and other Scottish Stakeholders are also important to ensure that a "Team Scotland" approach is developed and applied throughout COSLA's EU work. 
  • COSLA is also the official Covenant of Mayors Supporter for Scottish signatories. By endorsing local activities, the Covenant of Mayor aims to contribute to achieving and going beyond the EU’s emission reduction and energy efficiency targets. It is the European equivalent to the Scottish Climate Change Declaration.