COSLA and Brexit

Draft EU Withdrawal Agreement COSLA Assessment

COSLA Positions on Brexit

COSLA Written Evidence to Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill


Brexit papers from COSLA Convention

16-10-07 Convention Item 04 COSLA Post EU Referendum

18-03-23 Convention Item 07 European Charter

19-10-11 Convention Item 04 UK Exit from EU Update

Convention Minutes on Brexit

Brexit papers from COSLA Leaders

16-08-26 Leaders Item 01 COSLA Post EU Referendum

16-11-25 Leaders Item 10 Brexit

17-01-27 Leaders Item 04a Brexit Update

17-01-27 Leaders Item 04b Brexit and Migration

17-01-27 Leaders Item 04bx Brexit and Migration APPENDIX

17-02-24 Leaders Item 13 Brexit Update and Mandate

17-08-25 Leaders Item 04 UK Withdrawal from the European Union

17-10-27 Leaders Item 06 Withdrawal from the European Union

17-11-24 Leaders Item 10 Migration Policy – Brexit Implications

17-11-24 Leaders Item 10x Migration Policy - COSLA response to Scottish Affairs Committee APPENDIX

17-11-24 Leaders Item 11 Brexit Replacement & Opting Into EU funds - COSLA position

18-05-25 Leaders Item 04 Brexit Update

18-05-25 Leaders Item 04a Brexit Update

18-06-29 Leaders Item 03c European Charter

18-08-31 Leaders Item 09 Brexit Update

18-08-31 Leaders Item 10 EU Settlement Scheme

18-08-31 Leaders Item 12 European Charter of Local Self Government - COSLA Response

18-10-26 Leaders Item 04 Brexit Preparedness Local Government Workforce

19-01-25 Leaders Item 05 Brexit Update

19-02-22 Leaders Item 07 Brexit Update

19-09-27 Leaders Item 03 EU Settlement Scheme Applications

Leaders Minutes for Brexit Topics

Brexit papers from COSLA Boards

16-09-09 CWEG Item 1.2 COSLA Post EU Referendum

16-09-16 DES Item 05 EU Funds Post Referendum

16-09-08 Item 04 EU Funds Post Referendum

16-11-17 Item07 Post EU Referendum update

16-12-09 DES Item 06 EU Referendum

16-12-09 DES Item 16 EU Policy Update

17-02-17 DES Item 09 Brexit and EU update

17-10-23 Item 06 UK Withdrawal from the EU

18-04-20 Item 08 UK’s Exit from the European Union Policy Funding and International Engagement after Exit

18-05-04 CWB Item 03b COSLA EU citizens slide pack

18-05-04 CWB Item 03a Brexit - The Settlement Process and Engagement with EU Citizens

18-06-15 Item 12 Fisheries Policy post the UK's Exit from the EU

18-12-07 EE Item 06 Brexit Update

19-03-01 EE Item 06 Brexit Update

Board Minutes for Brexit Topics